More Considerations Regarding the Value of Art

Reviews and Resumes

Ask to see the artist's resume. Note all dates and locations of exhibitions. Ask yourself these questions: How long as the artist been exhibiting? Have the exhibitions been local, regional, national or international? Are the sites of the exhibition noteable and well known? How many awards, if any, has the artist received?

Another benchmark of value is the number of reviews in journals, magazines and newspapers the artist has received. A strong endorsement by an art critic can have a significant impact on an artist's career because critics act as interpreters, evaluating the work itself for quality, but also placing it in the context of history and genre.


If you're interested in acquiring the works of an emerging artist, it's affirming to learn that other people share your passion. For this reason, it's helpful to learn which private, public and corporate collections include works by that artist. Artists usually want to know who owns their work because if a work is owned by a museum, this adds value. The ownership of works by an artist will be influenced also by whether they are part of a collector's works or are already owned by corporations.

Artists reflect the world around them as well as their personal life and feelings. They produce work in particular techniques and themes of influence, and sometimes their techniques and themes change dramatically. Whenever you speak with artists or gallery curators or consultants, ask them to comment on the whole body of work by an artist. You should know if an artist has recently changed a particular theme or technique. How prolific is the artist? Once you know an artist's depth of experience, you will be better able to judge the value you are willing to place on the work.

Defining the Value of Fine Art

Commissioning an Artist

Corporate Art Consulting Training

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