Commissioning Art

Choosing the Right Artist

Since works of art reflect a company's personal taste and vision, even more deeply than work that is published, original commissioned art can significantly enhance the value of the company. Whether the work is expensive or inexpensive, they require personal involvement. Custom art will add a heritage to the history of your company.

The Selection Process
Choosing the right artist is the most significant first step. Their previous art projects should appeal to the decision maker and fit with the overall design of the offices and the marketing objectives of the company. The artist selected should also be someone who has done similar projects and was able to make on-time delivery within the agreed upon price and schedule.

Working with a professional corporate art consultant, locating the right artist is not that difficult. A professional consultant has the resources available and the experience to serve and protect the company.

From the resources of the consultant, pick an "A" list and begin the process of discussing the project with each one. If they are local, it can be done face to face, otherwise by phone. Get a feel for the artist's personal interest in your project. Note how comfortable you are with the artist. Make sure the chemistry is right before trying to build a working relationship. Make doubly sure the artist is capable of handling the project. Make a list of questions and be thorough in your exploration of their background. In other words, carefully evaluate the artist's approach, personality and style.

If you start to feel uncomfortable, this artist is probably not right for you. Before committing totally, ask for references. Then call each person and get their feedback. Ask the referrals about the success of the artwork, the ease of working with the artist, the level of communication, the delivery schedule and budget.

Value Determination of Art

Contracts with Artists

Corporate Art Consulting

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