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business with fine art, poster and prints Think of yourself working in an office complex where all of the walls are completely bare. Boring, huh? Or think about working some place where the artwork is so old and faded it looks worse having it on the wall than if there was nothing. Only if you take it down, there is a dirty outline on the wall left from where the art used to hang.

Now picture yourself working in an office environment. The company invested some pretty good money into the desks, chairs, equipment, cubicles, but then it appears they went to the swap meet and bought a bunch of unrelated, cheap images with plastic frames and no glass. Visualize the mismatch of that and how awful the offices look. Now picture sitting at your desk and looking at the wall across from you where the artwork is decent enough, but it looks like a giant hung it on the wall.

These are just a few of the situations a huge segment of the work force face every day. It's no wonder visitors don't feel comfortable. It's no wonder the employees are bored and find it difficult to feel proud of where they work. It's no wonder personnel feels devalued at the same time they feel overworked.

While some mega corporations invest in art collections or collect art by local artists for some community involvement, most companies invest in art for decorative reasons, to enhance the company's image or to make the workplace more inviting. They generally do not purchase artwork for financial gain or for a tax write off and they definitely don't purchase art that is wierd or controversial.

They do desperately, however, need competent, creative people, who love art and design, to work with them to create a pleasant environment and meet their goals. They need people who know how to choose the right image, how to custom frame it, how to hang it in the right place at the right height, how to achieve variety without sacrificing unity. Being a corporate art consultant is a really fun, creative and challenging career. For more information, click on the link below.

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