When Does a Business Buy Art?

corporate art consulting training, and how to start a home based business In my 20 some years as a corporate art consultant, I found that businesses are most likely to seek art when they are new, have recently moved, are planning to move, are remodeling, have recently remodeled or are expanding. You'd be amazed at how many opportunities this actually gives a savvy consultant, particularly in a city with lots of high rise office buildings. Naturally, companies that are downsizing, retail stores, and some types of manufacturing companies would not be in the market for artwork, but more and more owners and executives have recognized the need for pleasant working conditions and how artwork can actually be a support to their marketing plans.

I have worked with companies that are still in a "construction phase", such as you see pictured above. I have worked with companies on a long term expansion phase, where they were opening branches all over four counties. I have worked with companies that were newly opening, some that had just remodeled, some who just needed more art and who had lost contact with their previous source.

Not all companies have a budget for art work or have overspent on the other furnishings, so not every one is a bonafide prospect. However, art consulting is a very lucrative field, it is very creative, it is always different, the people one meets are first rate and it is very flexible.

For more information on how you can get into this type of career, click on the link below.

Corporate Art Consulting Training

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